Ameriderm has pioneered skin therapy equipment design by combining modalities into time-saving devices.

Our dedicated R & D department has developed the patented SmartWave™ system so your skin treatment center can service more clients and treat more conditions. The Celluderm™ PulseStar is one example. It features the combination of LED light wave and micro-current technologies.

SmartWave™ technology is the culmination of many years of research and product development.

We thoroughly investigated the exponential effects of combining therapies using light wave and micro-current applications for the PulseStar. By utilizing optimum yet gentle electrical frequencies, paired with specific light wavelengths, SmartWave™ provides highly effective treatments and gives your treatment center a distinctive presence within your market.

With SmartWave™ built into our PulseStar model

Your skin therapy clients will notice deeper skin care product penetration and improved facial appearance and texture in only a few sessions. Our unique approach to technology development – including SmartWave™ – and our industry expertise can increase the effectiveness of your skin treatment center.

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The Microderma-S100

For microdermabrasion clients, we proudly offer the MicroDerma-S100. Our compact design and powerful yet non-invasive treatment device efficiently removes dead cells and allows for deeper penetration of skin care products.

Celluderm™ Nova

The benefits of visible wavelength have been shown on various skin conditions (see Research). From acne to eczema, positive results are common using a controlled exposure to light waves.

Celluderm™ Pulsestar

The primary modalities we design our industry-leading skin therapy equipment are LED Photodynamic Cell Modulation™ and micro-current pulse deliveries.