About Ameriderm Inc.

Our products provide remarkable skin rejuvenation from multiple conditions such as acne, sun spots, aging and scarring. Since 2002, we have been a pioneer in developing advanced light wave, microdermabrasion, and micro-current equipment for medical centers and other skin treatment facilities.

For example, we developed SmartWave™ technology that is revolutionizing the way non-invasive skin treatment is provided.We pride ourselves on the considerable research we conduct in order to develop the most effective products. We examine current equipment and modalities, and improve upon available technologies.
The results from our dedicated R & D department are the innovative products we offer so you can provide superior skin treatment to your clients.

Ameriderm, Inc. focuses on non-invasive skin therapy equipment. Our Celluderm™ PulseStar has an advanced design that combines micro-current and LED Photodynamic Cell Modulation™ into one ultra-efficient skin therapy treatment device. The Celluderm Nova provides unparalleled LED light wave therapy that allows skin treatment professionals to treat multiple conditions in one session. Dermatologists and skin care therapists seeking microdermabrasion treatments look to our Microderma S100 for dramatic skin resurfacing results.

Our mission goes beyond developing effective and safe technologies. We support our products by offering industry-leading technical support and extensive equipment warranties. Your customers are important – so you should be able to count on your skin treatment equipment supplier. We agree.
If you have questions, concerns or comments, contact us and we’ll show you our commitment to making your practice more effective and more profitable.