Celluderm™ Pulsestar

Celluderm PulseStar in Action

The primary modalities we design our industry-leading skin therapy equipment are LED Photodynamic Cell Modulation™ and micro-current pulse deliveries. The Celluderm™ PulseStar is the only skin care equipment that combines both treatments into one highly-effective tool.

Celluderm™ Pulsestar

Two Amazing Therapies in One Easy-to-Use Tool.

Spas all over the US are discovering the benefits using our unique combination of micro current and photo dermatology light therapy – doubling the beneficial effects for your clients’ skin! You can offer this non-invasive adjunctive treatment breakthrough and earn higher profits by providing safe and effective therapy in less time than traditional skin therapy equipment.

The Celluderm™ Pulstar combines two clinically-proven effective therapies – micro current technology and LED Photodynamic cell modulation™. You can help patients suffering from photo-aging, post surgical scars and post peel skin, hyper pigmentation, acne and more in as little as one easy treatment.

Here is how the Celluderm™ PulseStar works:


  • Micro Current Technology

    • Each unit emits a low-level electrical impulse mimicking the cell’s natural signals. These currents stimulate musculature and accelerate skin cells’ natural processes, repairing damaged skin and improving cellular functions in SIX key areas:

      • Muscle re-education leading to firmer skin and improving tone.
      • Increased blood flow and cell nutrient delivery.
      • Protein synthesis and membrane transport that assists in cell regeneration.
      • Increased collagen and elastin production supporting the skin’s framework.
      • Higher ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production fueling cell growth.
      • Increased lymphatic drainage for better waste removal.
  • LED Photodynamic Cell Modulation™

    • By using a non-thermal light-based treatment, each unit rejuvenates skin using four highly effective, low intensity light waves.

      • LED Red light – Results in FIVE times the collagen production which assists in intercellular activity and growth. Treats photo-aging skin effectively.
      • LED Amber light – Results in FIVE times the growth in new skin and muscle tissue. Assists post surgery patients in healing scars.
      • LED Green light – Increases lymphatic flow to stimulate waste evacuation and cellular growth. Lessens fine lines and wrinkles, while lowering melanin production and reducing pigmentation.
      • LED Blue light – Reduces inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions by affecting the level of P Propionibacterium and significantly reducing melanin production.

The Microderma-S100

For microdermabrasion clients, we proudly offer the MicroDerma-S100. Our compact design and powerful yet non-invasive treatment device efficiently removes dead cells and allows for deeper penetration of skin care products.

Celluderm™ Nova

The benefits of visible wavelength have been shown on various skin conditions (see Research). From acne to eczema, positive results are common using a controlled exposure to light waves.

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The primary modalities we design our industry-leading skin therapy equipment are LED Photodynamic Cell Modulation™ and micro-current pulse deliveries.