Formulated the way Mother Nature intended.

Let me explain… You probably don’t hear me talk about supplements a lot on here (and there’s a reason for that), but I actually think supplements are great. If you are seeing a lot of improvement in your skin from improving your lifestyle – eating better, sleeping better, exercising more, and reducing your stress – but you can’t QUITE make it to be perfectly clear – I think a well targeted nutritional supplement can push you over the edge into clear zone. That’s the thing though – supplements are only great if they’re well targeted and specifically what YOU need to address your individual imbalances. Sadly, everyone is very different, and everyone’s acne is caused by slightly different things. And when you hear on the internet that “this supplement cleared my acne”, it’s a natural reaction that you want to run out and try whatever it was. If it worked for them, it’ll work for you, surely? Well… it might. If you’re really lucky. In reality though, supplements are expensive. And it’s really easy to try one supplement after another, finding that that they do nothing, and you’ve wasted a lot of money. And a lot of frustration. Believe me, I know. I do it all the time. I’m always buying new supplements that I read about, and then find out they do nothing and I wasted my money.

The Microderma-S100

For microdermabrasion clients, we proudly offer the MicroDerma-S100. Our compact design and powerful yet non-invasive treatment device efficiently removes dead cells and allows for deeper penetration of skin care products.

Celluderm™ Nova

The benefits of visible wavelength have been shown on various skin conditions (see Research). From acne to eczema, positive results are common using a controlled exposure to light waves.

Celluderm™ Pulsestar

The primary modalities we design our industry-leading skin therapy equipment are LED Photodynamic Cell Modulation™ and micro-current pulse deliveries.